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Vegan Test Kitchen

When you're damn serious about vegan cooking

vegan test kitchen
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this community is now archived. please direct all posts to vegancooking. 7,000 members and growing
other communities to check out are vegpromo and vegantravel. both communities have gigantic lists of other veg*n communities listed on each respective profile.


This is a community for cooks to work on their vegan recipes. It's different from other vegan cooking communities in that we post and discuss only our own or each other's original recipes or veganized versions of other recipes.

Here are some guidelines (subject to change):
1) Post recipes that you would like advice or feedback on, or post questions related to vegan cooking.
2) Post other recipes only in reference to what you're going for (ie: this chocolate cake is too dense, I was thinking about changing x, y and z)
3) Mentions of dairy, eggs and meat are OK in this community if you are posting a recipe that you are trying to veganize.
4) The recipes we work on should be free of packaged fake meat products (like soy sausages, boca crumbles, etc. Tofu, tempeh and seitan are all ok).